In-House Competitive Team

Our in-house team is open to girls ages 6 and up. Children under 6 will be considered by evaluation only. The team meets to practice 2 hrs per week to work on their routines and further develop their current skills. It is highly recommended that students continue participating in at least one recreational class in addition to the in-house team. Cost is $99 per month or $45 if student is currently enrolled in a recreation class.


This class is open to girls of all levels who are ready to learn routines and more advanced gymnastics skills. Classes meet one time per week for two hours. There will be 2 or 3 competitions held each season. These meets will take place on either Friday evening or Saturday afternoons with our girls being the only competitors. This allows girls to experience the thrill of a competitive meet but with less pressure and expense than a traditional competitive team. The girls will have judges evaluating all events and awards will be presented. Participation in competitions is encouraged but not mandatory. Additional expenses: Meet fees and team leotard. These fees are nominal compared to a traditional competitive team.


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