Classes for all ages and abilities.


Elements of gymnastics, parkour, martial arts, and obstacle course training are incorporated into this program, which is great for kids with lots of energy and the desire to learn cool stunts like flips, rolls, and kicks. Boys especially love this class, but we offer it for girls too!

Cheer Tumble
Cheer Tumble

Classes designed to teach boys and girls ages 6 and up tumbling skills necessary to progress in their sport. Skills include handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, back handsprings, and more.

Birthday Parties

Have your child's gymnastics or ninja party at Bayside! We will create a day of fun, excitement and memories for up to 15 guests (not including birthday child).

Open Gym
Open Gym

Open gym is great way for kids to socialize, have fun, be active, and practice their skills in a safe and controlled environment. Bring a friend and share the gymnastics or ninja experience!

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About Us

Bayside Gymnastics is a Christian owned and operated business whose mission is to provide the community with a fun, affordable, comfortable, and friendly environment in which to engage in recreational gymnastics, ninja, and tumbling activities. Our programs are designed to develop skills and build confidence through a non-competitive experience. We also plan to partner with local churches, faith-based and other organizations to ensure we are serving our community in a way that serves the Lord.

Meet Our Team

Program Director

Jennifer McEntire


Over the past 19 years, Jennifer has been involved in education and has worked in multiple roles, including program director, head coach, and elementary, middle and high school educator. Additionally, she home schooled her 3 children for many years. Jennifer has successfully engaged with students of all ages and abilities in both k-12 and gymnastics settings. Jennifer coached for multiple gymnastics programs and is looking forward to incorporating all of her experience into recreational programs that are beneficial to children and enjoyable for all.

Operation Manager

Jeremy McEntire


Jeremy McEntire has over two decades of experience in education, healthcare, and military leadership. Jeremy has extensive expertise in program development, delivery, and administration. Additionally, Jeremy is an established educator who possesses deep pedagogical and subject-matter knowledge, as a result of careful study and focused engagement in a wide range of academic subjects.

Head Coach Best

Gabrielle Best

Head Coach

Gabrielle has approximately 15 years of experience in the sport of gymnastics, including 9 years as a gymnast and 6 years as a coach. Coach Gabby also has several years of martial arts experience and holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jujitsu. Gabby is a Licensed Practical Nurse and works as a Baby/Obstetrical Technician Nurse on the Labor & Delivery unit at Kent General Hospital since 2018. She is passionate about children and enjoys helping them have fun and reach their fullest potential. Gabby also has a one year old daughter, Sloane, who seems to love gymnastics as much as she does.



239 NE Front St.
Milford, DE 19963

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